Engineering Services

Broken Carbon offers more than just carbon repair! We also offer expert witness services related to composites and carbon fiber failure inside and out of the cycling industry. We have also worked extensively with manufacturers to refine their products. 


Expert Witness Services - Composites Forensics

We have numerous product liability cases under our belt related to carbon fiber composite failures. With our expertise we can determine the root cause of the failure using destructive and non-destructive testing techniques. Have a failure for us? Let us help you through the investigative process.



Industry Consulting Services

Broken Carbon can help your company refine and perfect its composite products. We have experience refining product design and manufacturing processes related to cycling industry composite products. 


We have experience in all of the following:

Materials: Investigations: Applications:
Multi-Axis CNC Unidirectional NDT Non-Destructive Testing Structural
Milling Bidirectional Destructive Testing Automotive
Vapor Deposition Isotropic / Anisotropic /
Homogenous / Nonhomogeneous
Ultrasound Marine (Boat / Yacht)
Anodizing Woven CT Scan Aerospace
Resin Infusion Short Fiber X-Ray
Pre Preg Long Continuous Fiber Impact
Cure Oven Epoxy Void
Glass Transition Temperature Fiber fraction Defect
Wet Hand Layup Volume Fraction Resin Rich / Resin Dry
Mold Design Composite Thickness
Out of Autoclave Kevlar Acoustic
Injection Molding Aramid Shear / Tension / Compression
Bag / Bladder/ Foam S-Glass
Vacuum E-Glass
Female / Male / Open / Closed Moulds