Jake - Manufacturing Defect

After about a year of riding my frame cracked around the bottle cage. I bought my bike second hand, so the manufacturer would not warranty my frame. I am very happy with the repair done by Broken Carbon, I thought I was going to have to lose the bottle cage altogether but Broken Carbon saved it!

-This is an all too common problem we see on light road frames. We performed a structural repair, replaced the bottle cage Rivnuts and gave the repair a glossy clear coat finish.

Damaged carbon chainstay repaired by Broken Carbon.png

Stacy - Transport damage

I flew into Boulder for an event, American Airlines kindly snapped my chainstay. I thought my race was over, but the guys at Broken Carbon got my bike repaired in less than 2 days. I was a little worried about how the repair would look. I decided I wanted a basic paint cover up, I'm really pleased with the outcome and quick turnaround.

-A standard black finish like the one we did for Stacy is done in house at a very affordable price. For a full paint/cosmetic restoration we are partnered with a professional frame paint shop here in Boulder.


trey - shredding

Got a little too rowdy on a descent on my local trails in SoCal. The cost of a crash replacement was way more than just getting it repaired, my friend recommended Broken Carbon. I broke the bike down myself and shipped it to Boulder, got it back 2 weeks later. Been riding it for a few months now, the repair is super solid.

-Mountain bikers make up the majority of our customers due to the nature of the sport. With over 3000 repairs under our belt, we have never had a structural repair fail in the field.